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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  March 13, 2013 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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. people thought since the decision was reached so quickly it must be an italian cardinal who was going to take over. then we waited for nearly an hour before it was announced who the new code would be. this was the daily news and -- to the new coke would be. -- pope would be. mrs. the first time allow american and the first time a jesuit has become spope. history was made with millions watching the pictures around the world. let's get this report. >> just after 7:00, white smoke signaling the election of a new pope. as the bells rang out, thousand
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braved the cold and the rain for a glimpse of the new head of the catholic church. a cardinal appeared to confirm the news. >> habemus papum -- we have a pope. he spent nearly all of his career at home in argentina and is known for avoiding luxury, sometimes traveling by bus. he will be known as both francis, naming himself after the italian st. associated with peace. today they offered him -- today he offered them his blessing. >> p[speaking latin]
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ise is the first to come from latin america. he is the first from outside europe in more than 1000 years. >> i am joined here by mark langham. also robert strange. thank you for being with us. we have watched an extraordinary set of events unfold this evening. was i fair to say this was not quite what people were expecting? >> people were not expecting this particular outcome. there was so much talk. you and i know it is going to be three, perhaps four days, yet as i sent you this morning, there
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was another scenario. i felt it was worth while suggesting a different scenario, that it was going to be tonight on the second night, it would be bergoglio. i said, can that really be the case to? it was. >> what you think of the way he presented himself to? for the rest of the world this will be the first time they have heard from him or seen him. >> it is not some latin prayer but good evening, and everyone shouted or answered back, good evening. his manner came out as an approachable, very simple, and i think in that introduction we got a small -- a strong
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impression of somebody at home who projects himself well, who has a simple, uncomplicated styles. >> very complex issues to deal with. what is in his interest? there is a quite a lot. >> there is an enormous amount. i do not think he will be a stranger. if he has worked in the vatican. he still serves on various commissions. he knows both the problems they face but also the structure, how it works and how it does not work, and that will give them ideas on how he is going to approach this. >> he was the man whom nearly became pope eight years ago.
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>> i think there is an element of that. timing is very important. what kind of a papacy this would have been. that is not a point. to have the second half coming through is stunning. >> yes, and in terms of those challenges, people say it is a positive strength he is not a vatican insiders. i wonder how easy it is to make changes if you are an outsider. >> he is not an outsider in that he has worked in the vatican and has served on various commissions. he knows a lot of the personnel involved, but you are right. he has been out of the vatican for a long time. i think that will give him
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strength. it gives him a vision. it gives him a particular scope of what has to be done. there is so much wait and see about all this, isn't there? >> we will leave it there. thank you for a much indeed for that. it has been an extraordinary atmosphere in st. peter's square. a little earlier we got the reaction from latin america, the first latin american pope, the first known as the wood. >> a huge moment for this region and for the catholic church. in the church behind me, brazilians were hoping this was going to be the announcement of the first brazilian coast, a huge amount of expectation. people were hoping of brazilian would make it to become the pope. a little bit of disappointment but also excitement and interest
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that they have the first quote from this continent. a latin american pope, and are -- the first pope from this continent. aladdin american pope. finally, that means this region, which has 42% of the world's catholics living here, a majority of catholics live in this region, and finally they are represented at the highest level, so a feeling that the leadership of the church now reflects the church as it is today, which is not a european church anymore, but a shift in this region where 42% of catholics actually it lives. >> humane that important. of how many catholics live there, but is it increasing numbers going to the church -- we heard that important point of how many catholics live there,
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but is it increasing numbers going to the church? >> i think what we are seeing is europe has been going through the past couple decades is similar in latin america. church congregations are declining. the number of people going to church on sunday is shrinking. in brazil there is a real challenge from evangelical churches. everyone i have been speaking to says that is of great concern. catholics are beginning 0 leave the church. they are finding the evangelical churches responding more immediately to their needs, so a feeling the catholic church has become very removed from the people, so i think that is a situation reflected in argentina, so a sense of people turning away from the church, a
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huge challenge for the region. i have heard people say the priorities of the pope will depend on where they come from. i think it is fair to say we will be looking at real challenges and a decline in congregations, a decline in the number of people actually going to church here. >> in rome tonight there is surprise. there is excitement. there is a mixture of feelings about what it will mean for the papacy going forward. i wonder if there is a sense of unease that changes coming, that it might not be changed, that some of them actually want. >> you were there while the announcement was being made. i was wondering the same thing. there were all these romans but turned out for the announcement of the pope.
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was there also disappointment this was going to be a non- european coke for the first time in over a millennium? >> -- non-european pope for the first time in over a millennium? >> the growth in the catholic church is not here in europe. it is in the developing world, and there has to be an increasing representation, so what they seem to have sold off tonight is someone with an italian father who moved to argentina, so there is of a bit of italian blood in the new pope. one thing we are taking upon is the sense but the curia needs to change. it is the lack of government but
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has led to many of the crises it has suffered over the past few years. >> thank you perry much for all of your report in for more -- for your report. a lot of firsts, not the least of which is he is a desert. you are -- a jesuit. you are a jesuit. were you surprise? >> people thought they would never choose anyone from the religious orders other than franciscans, certainly not a dozen with. i was delighted. >> disappointed it was not one of the american cardinals vitter in rome whom people were talking about? >> i was very much a fan of shaun o'malley and cardinal
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dolan, but having a dozen with both makes up for that. >> i am joined by two guests. father, what do we know about pope francis? dexia is an interesting person and has an interesting background he has been a genuine priest all along. he has lived with the court. -- the poor. is very telling. >> you were in charge when pope benedict was chosen and co -- and father bergoglio was the runner up. what do we know? >> the resistance that he was not a political person and that
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he walks the talk, if you like. -- there is a sense that he is not a political person, any he walks the talk if you like. he did not have a coke. he did not have a chauffeur. he very much wanted to be seen to be for the people, so he really did have that aura around him. it has come as a surprise that had he has been elected because he is 76. this suggests the cardinals do not worry about another resignation. this has set a new direction for the church. >> how unusual is it for a catholic cardinal to be wandering around. this is a very high organization. is this a mark of somebody in a different role at? >> people call him jorge. that is very telling.
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there are a lot of cardinals like fat. we tend to think of them as those concerned with hierarchy and break. i think he is endeared toward st. francis and maybe want to walk in his way. >> i saw one of the key characteristics the pope had to have was a sense of humor. do you see that now mark >> -- do you see that? >> he said, good evening. he said now the cardinals had to go to the end of the earth to find him. i thought he was very warm and inviting during a time of great stress. walking out on st. peter's square is a stressful thing. living with of the poor is part of his background. we do not have people to cook
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for us. it is part of the jesuits and background. >> when it comes to social issues on abortion for example and gay rights, he is 3 much in line with that began thinking. -- very much in line with the vatican thinking. >> we saw that in argentina. i do not think you will see any deviation on the policies set out. you will see a continuation of the policies. >> we should say his first inaugural masses going to be march 19. what does it look like? >> it looks challenging. in his home territory we have seen a lot of catholics and leave. the issue of secularization in the west trouble pope benedict. we have the government of the church in the vatican.
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a huge issue we sought not intrigue and corruption in the vatican. somebody needs to clean house. above all, sex abuse has been a huge crisis for the church. not only the abuse by priests, but a cover-up. it needs to be tackled. >> this is a man who has come out of argentina. we have not heard much on the issue of sex abuse coming from argentina. he is a man focused intensely on the quality, -- equality, on helping the poor. is that an issue? >> i am sure those from europe had conversations with pope francis, and he is aware of the situation we are facing. >> you think he is going to be
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able to do something to clean up the stain on the catholic church? >> i do. i know he was not afraid to make tough decisions and ruffle some feathers. i think in terms of government and sex abuse, he will not be afraid to take the bull by the horns. >> what about the issue of secularization. he comes from an area that has the largest portion of catholics in the world but where the numbers are declining, and he is going to have to do something to reach out to catholics in north america and europe and appeal to them to get them back into the church. >> one thing to remember is he is also in the part of the world that has seen a lot of offenses in terms of protestant fundamentalism and evangelical. they have been gathering adherents. i think in that part of the world a lot of catholic bishops
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have learned from that, so i think he will be very affective. remember in the united states so many catholic parishioners are hispanic, and the idea that opposed with big spurt in -- would not be perfect spanish is the real shock for some of the catholics. >> it bodes very well, a man that can relate to the youth and relate to them, i think that is very promising. >> we have had tributes and messages of congratulations from president obama as well. we hear joe biden is going to be going to the inauguration ceremony for pope benedict. what are american catholics looking for from an argentinian increase -- priest? what does he do to non-hispanics middle-class catholics to convince them he is the right
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person to get them back to church. >> we think of them as criticizing on a number of issues. >> a lot of them are not in line with what american catholics will be thinking. >> i was going to say a lot of them are liberal. they want to change and very priest said. -- marry priests. half of them want the tradition to be maintained to keep up the traditions of the church. american catholics are as split as anyone else, but i think the sex abuse crisis has been huge. i was just in the los angeles archdiocese talking to nuns working with the church. they say the men in charge of the church are out of touch. they cannot restore trust. they need to go back to the mission of the church, which is
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to serve the port. i think this is a savvy move. this person represents a shift in focus. all of this is about scandal and corruption. here is a man from outside of the vatican who represents the core. >> the you agree? >> i also think there is a desire to have somebody who can , and you sawpel commo someone who was very humble. i was quite taken by somebody who asked the crowd to prayer and -- to pray for them. i think it is naturally appealing, and i think it transcends a lot of hot-button issues on people's minds. >> if you are a liberal american catholic, and you are looking at someone who argues gay adoptions
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discriminate against children, you are going to have some trouble with that, aren't you? >> if that is what you think you will have troubles with it, but i think most catholics know the issues are a lot broader than that particular issue. you are right. there are a lot of catholics and have a difficult time with that issue. i do not think you will see much change a lot of those hot-button issues from pope francis. >> tell me about what he faces. he wakes up tomorrow morning as " in the world that likes -- and wakes up tomorrow morning as pope. >> our world is changing rapidly. he has many responsibilities. he has got to lead the whole church and the city state of the vatican and to deal with all the issues. what i think he is going to be worried about right away is
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hutus like as his close circle, who is going to carry out his agenda and his form of a papacy he wants to have. >> what are you going to be looking at? >> i wonder who he will be selecting as secretary of state. that will be an important figure in his administration. will he choose another italian, or is he going to start fresh and take someone who did not expect? >> thank you. thank you for joining us. a quick reminder of these extraordinary developments we have seen. cardinals have elected a new pope. he will reign over the roman catholic church as " francis. he is the first pontiff from the americas and the first from outside of europe in more than a millennium.
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he appeared to roars of joy from thousands to of people who gathered in the streets. " francis. that brings the special coverage to a close. you can continue to get the latest from the bbc website. thank you for watching. tune in tomorrow. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, union bank, and fidelity investments. >> your personal economy is made up of things that matter most, including your career. as those things change, fidelity can help you readjust your are invested, and refocus as your career moves forward. wherever you are today, a
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